Engage Powerful Targets with Job Networking to Find a Job

So why do you want your business cards so badly? You want them because a card leads to a contact, a contact leads to a target, and a target leads to a job…maybe the job of your dreams.

Finding the Target

Take every business card you can find and add the individuals on LinkedIn. Look at their network. Do these new contacts know someone that works in the industry of your choice? Many will. If so, you may have just found your ticket to success.

Your goal is now to get ten minutes with powerful people in your choice industry. These key people are your targets, and between you and your target is the contact you connected to briefly (by using the elevator speech). Go to those contacts and complete the favor you said you would do. If that favor didn’t work out, do something else that benefits your contact. It doesn’t need to be big. If the person runs a coffee shop, go in one day and say “Hi” while purchasing a large coffee and a scone. If the person works at a tire store, get two new tires and put a good word in to the manager. If the person is a musician, attend a gig and buy some band merchandise. About two days after the favor, email the contact. You will ask for your information to be passed on to the target. The contact does not need to set up a meeting, call on your behalf, or get you a job. The contact only needs to give your name and email address to the target.

Do not skip over the favor for the contact. You need the contact to feel slightly in your debt so that there is motivation to do you a small favor in return.

Once the target has heard your name, you email the target.

Do not wait for the target to email you; it won’t happen. People are busy, and you are expected to take the initiative in this scenario. Send a short email to the target  asking to meet up so you can get two things: advice and insight.

Note that you are not asking for a job. You are not asking for an interview. You are not asking to become a part of the company. You are asking for ten minutes so that you can learn from the target’s experience and expertise. You want to buy the target coffee and get some advice pertaining to the target’s success.


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