Getting Interview You Never Had to Apply For

Did you read our previous tricks How Job Networking can help to find a job and Leveraging Social Media for Job Networking and maybe did you gained an interview? Well, now it’s the time to see how to getting interview you never had to apply for!

Once you have achieved the meeting, do exactly what you said you would do. Ask for advice about you can start your career. Ask for insight into how the target accomplished so much. But most importantly, ask questions that show you have done your research on the company. Be familiar with any news surrounding the company. Know the names of your target’s coworkers. Be interested in the inner workings of the target’s company, and voice that you hope one day to work in a company that operates as well as the target’s company. Bring business cards in case the target asks for one, and when the meeting concludes, thank the target for the time.

The number of jobs that result from these meetings is staggering. Rarely will the target offer you a job on the spot, but there’s a real possibility that you will receive an email a few days later from a hiring manager asking for your résumé. And once you have the recommendation of your target, the job has all but fallen in your lap.

Though no method works 100% of the time in the job search, this one has the best results. Jobs that have never been listed are created when powerful people want you to work for them. Your lack of qualifications becomes moot when the right target likes you. Find multiple targets; have as many meetings as you can, and keep your business cards on you at all times.

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