Gritman Medical Center

Branch Moscow ID US

Food Services Aide
Moscow, ID

Prefer previous experience in food service environment. High degree for food preparation and cleaning. Recording temperatures of both food and refrigeration…

Prepares and serves specified food for patients and cafeteria customers, maintaining a safe and sanitary environment. Washes dishes, pots and pans.

Qualifications: Job Requirements
Required Skills:

The ability to read and understand product labels, recipes, and menus. Perform basic math functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. The ability to understand specific verbal or written instructions and procedures.
Minimum Work Experience:
No experience required.
Prefer previous experience in food service environment.
Cooking experience also a plus.

Responsibilities: Essential Functions

These Functions depend upon whether in the Dish-room or in the Cafe.
1. read/write/verbal communication
2. cash handling/open/close cash register drawer
3. recording temperatures of both food and refrigeration equipment.
4. deep cleaning
5. adhering to par-lists of food and paper goods
6. filling out order for food and paper goods
7. stocking using FIFO method
8. Run dish-washer
9. Pull dishes and put away
10. Fill out opening and closing check-lists
11. Wash hands often
12. Change gloves often
13. Clock in and out at correct time for shift.

Dish Room:
1. read/write/verbal communication
2. operate commercial dish machine
3. handle soiled dishes according to sanitary standards
4. follow hospital rules regarding privacy when come in contact with items with patient names, date of birth,room # etc. 5. deep cleaning
6. washing/pulling/putting away dishes
7. recording temperature of dish-machine
8. fill out cleaning lists (chore list)
9. keep track of cleaning item par list
10. place order with supervisor for cleaning items
11. pick up caters for caterer when asked
12. stay caught up with dishes.
13. wash hands often
14. change gloves often
15. clock in and out at correct time for shift

Population Served: Neonatal, Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric.

Physical Demands:
-Lifting: Occasional lift-max of 50 lbs. 2 x week from floor to waist, 20 lbs, 4-5 x per day. Frequent lift- 15 lbs. from knee to waist 10-20 x per hour and 50 x per day. Items lifted-boxes of food, bags of lettuce, produce, utensils, pots, pans, etc…
-Push/Pull: Minimal force to push wheeled foot carts 300+ yards at one time.
-Carry: Max of 5 lbs. (dish racks) for 5 ft.. 10 x hour up to 4 hours a day.
-Transfers: none
-Fine Motor: High degree for food preparation and cleaning.
-Climbing: up to 1 minutes at one time and 15 minutes per day.
-Stand: up to 2 hours at one time and 7.5 hours per day.
-Sit: up to 10 minutes at one time and 20 minutes per day.
-Kneeling: up to 5 minutes at one time and 20 minutes per day.
-Stooping: up to 5 minutes at one time and 20 minutes per day.
-Driving: none
-Other: frequent overhead and forward reaching required.

Environmental Conditions:
-Location: Inside.
-Occasional exposure to extreme cold plus temperature changes when working in the walk-in freezer. Constant exposure to wet conditions from hand washing, dish washing, food preparation. Constant exposure to noise from the dish machine. Constant exposure to injury due to moving or mechanical parts from dish machine and mixers. Constant exposure to toxic or caustic materials with the use of bleach and oven cleaner.
-Minimal biohazard exposure.

Organization: Gritman Medical Center
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