Leveraging Social Media for Job Networking

Social media is useful for networking when utilized correctly. Listed below is each important site in order of importance. You will be shown how to use each site to your advantage.

First of all be assured that during this process people will see your social media.

Your Website

If you do not have a personal website already, this needs to change. Your website can contain the items your résumé does not. Here you can put your picture, personal accomplishments, and samples of your work (depending on your field). Just having one sets you apart from the crowd. Take that extra step and link to the website from your résumé and social media.


LinkedIn only has one real use, and it’s killer. Add every single person you have ever worked with, gone to school with, or even CC’d on an email. The key to LinkedIn is the contacts it gives you. The benefits of using these contacts will be explained later, but suffice it to say that you should begin adding new contacts now.


It’s time to purge your Facebook. Go through your feed and eliminate every post, picture, link, video, and like that could even potentially hurt your job chances. Nothing negative should remain. Delete all instances of whining and complaining. Delete the pictures from when you got drunk that one night. Take down the political comment that made your aunt get defensive. If absolutely necessary, delete your account and start over.

Once this is done, begin posting positive statuses. Choose a profile picture in which you are smiling. Post nice things to your friends’ walls. Link to a neutral charity that no one could possibly object to. And most importantly, list a link to your website. Once this is done, make your profile public; you have nothing to hide.


Your Twitter account, like your Facebook, should remain positive. Clean it out and begin positive tweets. Link to you website.

Be sure to keep your message consistent. Don’t be Bob the Librarian on LinkedIn and Bob the Freelance Writer on Twitter and Facebook. You are looking for one job right now. Choose which one it is and focus only on that.

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