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Below you will find a list of jobs that you can use to avoid a gap in your résumé and/or obtain some extra money to pay the bills. These jobs are unique in that they usually require little (or no) experience, allow you to work from home, and offer flexible schedules. Try, first and foremost, to locate a position that looks best on your résumé, even if the pay is lacking. Think about how the position will look to a potential employer and what you would say about the position if it was brought up in an interview.

Once you have gained a postion that will serve your résumé, you may look for one that will pay the bills while true job search continues. It is not unusual for self-employed people to be working two jobs while looking for steady work, though you should only mention the relevant job when applying for your goal position.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators rate the quality and relevancy of search engine results. The job requires high speed internet and the ability to keep track of your own time. Typically evaluators set their own hours, making the job remarkably flexible. Depending on the company, evaluators are usually paid $12-$15 an hour. In order to get the job, you must apply online to the company of your choice, submit a résumé, and (if contacted) pass three open book tests to show competency. No work experience in the field is required, so do not be discouraged if you have never been an evaluator previously.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be a good way to bring in extra cash, and if writing relates to your career it can look good on a résumé. Each of the companies listed below provides freelance jobs to writers. The pay varies greatly. Some articles pay as little as $3-$5 while others pay $100.

Query Responder

Query responders answer questions relating to a variety of subjects. Who landed on the moon? Who is Michael Scott? What is the circumference of a basketball? If you take on these positions, you will find the answers to these questions and submit them to users. Responders are usually paid for each accepted answer, and the pay varies.

Transcription Services

Jobs with audio transcription give you the freedom of working at your own schedule and pace. Many transcription companies require no previous experience at all. They will, however, expect you to have a good understanding of the English language (including grammar, spelling, and punctuation). You also will be expected to type at a rate of at least 70 WPM. The pay varies, but it is usually based on the time of the audio being transcribed.

Translation Services

If you are fluent in multiple languages, you may be able to work as a translator. Multiple companies seek individuals to translate both written documents and audio. Some companies also need people to assist in over-the-phone translation. Translation jobs looks good on most résumés as it is an easy way to showcase a highly sought after skill. The pay varies greatly from language to language, but do not expect to receive more than $0.05-0.15 per source word.

General Freelance

Making a video, recording a jingle, proofreading a paper, drawing a cartoon—on general freelance sites you can sell any marketable skill. On some websites you bid on a project; on other websites the buyers will buy your services. Freelance work is not known for providing a consistent income, but your freelance work could look wonderful on a résumé if the jobs you take are related to your career goals.

Customer Service Phone Positions

Dealing with angry customers can be a worthwhile endeavor. Customer service positions require patience, but the money is generally consistent. These should be considered if you are either hoping to move into a full-time entry-level customer service position or if you simply need the income. Many of the companies listed elow hire  frequently. These jobs pay generally pay $9.00 per hour,though some pay more.


If you consider yourself to be a scholar or expert in an academic subject, consider tutoring. This is perfect for those looking for a job in an education field. The pay for tutoring varies greatly depending on the subject being tutored.


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