At your service cleaning is a 5 star rated company that is growing thanks to our amazing staff! We’re looking for Ambitious, dynamic and energetic house cleaners willing to make up to $700 per week + Bonuses + Tips! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
This is a cleaning job and a cleaning company unlike any you’ve ever worked for. Ever. Seriously. How are we different? Let’s count the ways!
· No nights, weekends or holidays. Unless you like weekend work, then we can totally hook you up!
· Autonomy! Whoa, that’s a big, fancy word, huh? Basically, it means that we hire adults, and trust that as an adult you’ll do the right thing without being micromanaged.
· An ever-changing work environment! Like staring out the window for 8 hours a day? This probably isn’t the best place for you! Would you prefer working in some of the nicest areas, and getting to see new things every single day? Yep, we got that for you!
· Great pay. We know… every cleaning company out there says that, right? We pay based on your (awesome and amazing) performance and you’ll be averaging $16-$25 per hour. Right before we wrote this ad we pulled a report: our top performers grossed over $600 per week for the last pay period. (And that doesn’t even count the tips and bonuses they earned!) You haven’t made that kind of money cleaning houses before, have you?
· You get to work solo or you get to work in teams! It’s the best of both worlds… Sometimes it’s great having a team around you, right? And other times… You just want to put your head down and get your work done! You’ll experience both throughout any given week.
· Awesome clients! We serve successful, kind and awesome people only! You’ll be appreciated for your hard work and a job well done!
Does all that sound great to you? Are you wondering where to sign up? Well, hold on there… In exchange for being an awesome company to work for we expect a little more from our cleaners. First is above average attention to detail and the ability to follow specific instructions. Those instructions are coming up in 3…2…1:
If you’re serious about working for the fastest-growing residential cleaning service in the Tri-County Area, click the apply button and under the “reasons why you want to work with us, type:
“I want to clean up with you!”, then tell us about you and why you’re the right fit for us. What draws you to the cleaning profession? What do you like about cleaning and what do you hate?
Here are some of the reasons you will love working with us:

Direct Primary care Insurance
Paid time off
Paid Holidays
Paid vacation time
$10 dollars per 5 star review.


We are looking for our next VIP Rockstar for a Residential House Cleaning Technician. A good candidate has a Positive Attitude, Is Respectful, Integrity driven, Dependable, Energetic! PRIDE!
This position is a Monday- Friday position with occasional Saturday work. You must be able to problem solve be self motivated and have exceptional attendance. We hire integrity and train skill for the right candidates. Experienced candidates are preferred.
We are so excited to meet you! please reach out if you have any questions.
At Your Service Cleaning Co.
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: Up to $700.00 per week

Paid time off


8 hour shift
Monday to Friday

Supplemental Pay:

Bonus pay

Work Location: On the road