Starting Pay: $19.0781 Hourly ($39,682)
After 1st Year: $20.8406 Hourly ($43,348)
After 2nd Year: $23.9134 Hourly ($49,740)
After 3rd Year: $24.5594 Hourly ($51,084)
After 4th Year: $25.1831 Hourly ($52,381)
After 5th Year: $25.8562 Hourly ($53,781)
After 6th Year: $26.5609 Hourly ($55,247)
After 7th Year: $27.3097 Hourly ($56,804)
GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Performs highly responsible and difficult secretarial, payroll and benefit tasks which are confidential in nature; work requires a high degree of judgment and accuracy; works under the general supervision of the Human Resources Director but may receive direction from other Human Resources staff; performs related duties as required.
Assists the public, retirees and employees, directing them to the appropriate resources;
Provides administrative support to the benefits, employment and training functions as well as to the Director;
Manages the ID/Access card system;
Processes multi-million dollar A/P ensuring timely and accurate payment and record keeping;
Responsible for accurate and timely revisions to contracts;
Assembles materials for orientations and trainings;
Utilizes computers, related software and other equipment extensively to complete required tasks;
Schedules meetings including grievance hearings, special conferences, etc.;
Prepares correspondence and various other documents of a confidential nature;
Designs, implements, and monitors office methods and procedures;
Prepares and maintains paper and electronic files;
Establishes and maintains sometimes-complex cross-reference files and establishes file categories;
Prepares and files legal documents with governmental agencies and tribunals;
Searches files and a variety of other source material to serve as background for reports;
Maintains personnel records, benefit files, grievance files, etc;
Prepares requisitions, vouchers and other forms as needed;
Processes the mail daily;